"I am the loaded question.....an infidelity to the external world."

Adele Wilde-Blavatsky

Poet, Writer, Activist

Philosophy Publications and Presentations


- Aesthetic Experience, Richard Shusterman and Adele Tomlin (eds.) (Routledge, 2007).


- 'Contemplating the Undefinable',  Aesthetic Experience, Richard Shusterman and Adele Tomlin (eds.) (Routledge, 2007).

-Review article of 'Gut Reactions: A Perceptual Theory of the Emotions' (2004) by Jesse Prinz in Metapsychology Online.

-Review article of 'Revealing Art' (2004) by Matthew Kieran and 'Re-thinking Aesthetics: Rogue Essays on Aesthetics and the Arts' (2004) by Arnold Berleant in Journal of Applied Philosophy.

- Review article of 'The Secret Power of Beauty' (2004) by John Armstrong in Journal of Applied Philosophy (2005, Vol. 21 (3))

- Review article of 'Aesthetics and Subjectivity: from Kant to Nietzsche' (2003) by Andrew Bowie in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, vol. 5, no. 5 (April 2004)

- Review article of 'Evolutionary Aesthetics' (2003) ed. Voland and Grammer, in Human Nature Review 2003 Vol.3

- Review article of 'Gender and Aesthetics' (2004) ed. Carolyn Korsmeyer in Feminist and Women's Studies Association Newsletter (No.45, August 2004).


-'Concern without Action or Discussion without Engagement?: The Moral Value of Narratives' presented at the Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Conference on 'Narrative and Understanding Persons', at the University of Hertfordshire 12-14 July 2005. Selected by review. For more info click here
-'Responsibility for Moral Ignorance' presented on 21st November 2004 at 'Virtue Epistemology' conference at Stirling University. Selected by review. For more info about the conference click here.

-'Moral Responsibility for Immoral Beliefs' presented on 24 September 2004 at Annual Conference on Social and Political Thought, Sussex University.